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Zentropista fetishizes violence, rebellion, sexuality, youth, art, and old propaganda for a political purpose.

My blog does too. Is mine more legitimate and ethical because you agree with my politics more than his? 

(It’s been a few days, and the only note this gotten was Zentropista himself liking it, presumably because of his keen sense of irony; y’all are cowards)

John Ross and John Ross

Every now and again, I realize that there are two people of the same name who are both awesome.

John Ross was an amazing and fascinating Cherokee Chief.

John Ross was a fantastic American journalist who did much writing on the Zapatistas. You can find a lot of his work by searching his name on

I want to once again encourage everyone to learn as much about the Zapatistas as possible. Although my faith in the last two years of dissidence in Chile is waning, my faith in the Zapatistas is stronger than ever.

It should also be noted that learning about John Ross and his people is a good way to second guess the ethics of a state + education marriage.

Anonymous asked: de donde eri?

Minnesota, en los EEUU. Mi padre es de Chile

club-de-porros asked: tienes puras cosas de chile y tu blogs esta en ingles :G ! ah ? cuídate saludos bless

Cierto, es para los gringos!

jmschmid asked: Thank you for this incredible blog. I will share it with my students in the U.S. Keep up the good work.

Thanks man, but I think my time Chile-blogging is coming to end.